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Whether it's a desktop computer, laptop, server, network switch or appliance, infrastructure wiring, web design, or redesigning your entire infrastructure from the ground up, Business Link Technologies of Connecticut can help. Give us a call and let us show you the possibilities!

24/7 phone and on-site support available!

Desktop Support

Our qualified staff has the knowledge of multiple computer platforms and operating systems for your home office or business. We will set you up with the proper configurations and virus protections to keep your machine running at its peak potential.

Server Support

Our support range covers all types of onsite and offsite servers. Whether your company is based in Connecticut, New England or across the country, our highly trained staff of Cisco Certified and Microsoft Certified System Engineers will get your problem resolved.

With our highly trained staff of Cisco Certified and Microsoft Certified System Engineers, you can rest assured your server issues will be resolved.

Network Support

Our staff of Cisco Certified Network Professionals are available to support a wide range of your LAN/WAN needs including entire network redesigns. (i.e. Firewalls, Routers, Proxy Servers, Wireless Devices, VPN, Voice over IP (VOIP), and Switch configuration)

Infrastructure wiring

Our in-house licensed electrician specializes in copper and fiber infrastructure cabling, as well as wiring or rewiring your office space. With networking options such as Cat3, 5, 5e, 6, Single Mode and Multi Mode, SC, ST, and LC your needs will be met regardless of the number of workstations.

Web Design

Our experienced webmasters can revamp your existing site or create a new one from scratch. Custom Designs as well as template designs are available to create a fully interactive website that will give your clients a unique online experience. Specializing in HTML, Java, Flash, PHP, and CSS, the possibilities are endless.

Questions, concerns, or just need help now? You can contact Business Link Technologies directly @ 860-656-0999.

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